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Phoenix class summer term curriculum information 2019

Questions for Our Head Boy & Girl

Questions for Our Head Boy & Girl 1

On Thursday 31st January 2019 we welcomed ex-pupils (& Mrs K-D's son) Sam Kail-Dyke and Lucy Bishop to Lympsham Academy. They are the present head girl and head boy at King's Academy.

We were lucky enough to have some time to ask questions to our guests and find out all about being a head girl or boy. Lots of us are thinking about it for our futures now.

Great attitude and effort at Hugh Sexey's Multi-skills event

On Tuesday the year fours went to Hugh Sexey’s in the rain for the Multi-skills event.

Some of the activities we tried were rugby, hurdles, stuck- in-the-mud (funny!). (Freddie)

It was my birthday (Georgiana). My favourite part was the tug-o-war. My favourite activity was the Rock, paper, scissors course. (Amelie)

We were hard-core and very resilient. (Rhys)

At least my PE kit has been washed and the mud is gone now. (Saffiyah)

Even though it was drizzling and there was slushy, sticky mud everywhere around the 12 sport action stations, everyone enjoyed it was wanted to go again (Ruby).

Mr Waterfield wanted to know which events we enjoyed the best as he had challenged the year 8s to design the activities to keep us moving and to see which one we would enjoy the most.

By Freddie, Georgiana, Saffiyah, Ruby, Rhys, Tarlia, Evie-Mae, Sam, Taylor, Amelie and Ceira

Sticks and Stones and Mammoth Bones


This term we are learning about the Stone Age. Our topic is called Sticks and stones and mammoth bones. We started with some visits to Comple Copse. The tree tribe made mud paintings on the trees. The fire folk made fires with cotton wool. It was tricky but two of us managed it! The happy hunters made weapons like spears and we had a contest to see how far we could throw them.

 We have made a full-sized mammoth and it is on our classroom wall. We have also been making instructions for how to wash a woolly mammoth.

by Henry O, Alex, Henry P and Daisy

Horrible Histories Awesome (Awful) Egyptians!

Horrible Histories Awesome (Awful) Egyptians! 1 Inside the Playhouse
Horrible Histories Awesome (Awful) Egyptians! 2 Looking forward to the show
Horrible Histories Awesome (Awful) Egyptians! 3 Egyptians or Tudors?

Parliament Outreach Visit 4.12.18

Parliament Outreach Visit 4.12.18 1
Parliament Outreach Visit 4.12.18 2

Phoenix Class Photos 2018-19: We're back!

Phoenix Class 2018-19 
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Phoenix Class Summer Term Curriculum Overview

Lympsham invaded by Romans

Spring Term Curriculum Overview


Autumn Term Curriculum Overview

Super archaeological dig with the Lympsham Archaeology Group

Special Maths Project

The Phoenix Class have been working hard at improving their mathematical thinking power. This is a transition project being run in conjunction with Hugh Sexey Middle School and it will continue in September for those children transferring to year 5 at HSMS . Every session starts with a video message from a professor at Stanford University, USA and then sets children some very hands on challenges to work out. Key messages have included: everyone can be good at maths, we all have very flexible brains and slow thinkers are often deeper thinkers. Today we were visited by one of the Y5 tutors from HSMS who joined in with our session. So far the children have given the project a 'big thumbs up'.no