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School Council

Our 2023-2024 Junior Leadership Teams

School Council 2022-2023


Introducing our new school council committee for 2022-2023. Elections have taken place and the children have voted resulting in these wonderful children duly elected. We have a spread of representation across Reception to year 4, each bringing their own fantastic ideas and thoughts for the future. Their first meeting will take place in early October and will be chaired by Miss Robinson. Thereafter the children will adopt the role of chairperson and secretary and will help to lead each meeting in turn. 


The school council will form one part of a bigger Junior Leadership team, which will help to make our school the very best place it can be. 


Congratulations Councillors!

School Council in Action 2022-2023

School Council 2021-22


Introducing the newly elected School Council for 2021-22. We have already had our first meeting and discussed the sort of things we could do this year to improve the school and our community. We will get down to detailed plans at our next meeting. Everyone is encouraged to suggest ideas to their class representatives and we look forward to hearing all your fantastic ideas.

The School Council 2020-2021

Introducing our new school council for this year. You may recognise some familiar faces as it was decided to allow last year's members to carry on and finish the fantastic work that they started last year but were unable to finish due to Lockdown.  Please scroll down to see what they have up to....

Restoring the Past - May 2021


The School Council have recently overseen the restoration of a piece of Lympsham history. The Mural, completed by pupils during the 2002/3 School Year, had recently suffered from the ravages of time and had been removed from the wall as it was unsafe. Having seen it lying sadly on the ground behind the arbour in the playground, the proactive members of the School Council decided that it should be restored. They asked out lovely handyman John to carry out the task and are delighted with the results. The mural is now hung on a fence at low level, for all to enjoy.


#30 Days Wild in June

The School Council has challenged all the classes at Lympsham to go Wild in June, doing something to engage with nature each day. Some of these will be done in school but lots of them can be done at home with the family. There are some ideas from the Wildlife Trusts below. There will be prizes for the class who completes the most challenges.

School Census - April 2021


To coincide with the National Census, the School Council designed their own for all the school to complete.

We are currently busy collating the results, which we will share with you as soon as they are ready.

Playground Markings - March 2021

The School Council are delighted to announce that their plan to brighten up the small playground has come to life today in spectacular fashion. Thanks to a very generous grant from our friends at The Nuttall Trust they were able to add a Dartboard, Hopscotch and a couple of Mathematical Caterpillars which have already gone down a storm with those currently in school.  Our very own Mrs Turner was again on hand to do the honours at the official opening!

Our Chosen Charity - Secret World - Jan 2021

The School Council decided that they wanted to support Secret World Wildlife Rescue this year. All the money raised from donations given for the Christmas Performance DVDs has been donated to them and we are delighted to announce that a fabulous £166 was raised. 

Buddy Bus Arrives - Dec 2020


After a few years of planning and work to secure grants and donations, the school Council are delighted to announce that the Buddy Bus has finally appeared in the playground. Our bright yellow bus has proved an instant hit. It was officially opened by our very own Mrs Turner who took great joy in cutting the ribbon with her ceremonial scissors! A big thank you to the previous School Councillors who helped to make this possible and our friends at FOLS and the trustees of the Nuttall Trust for giving us grants to fund it.

French Boule Tournament


We have moved quickly this year and our first idea was to run a Boule competition. Having worked out how many sets we would need and what they would cost, we approached FOLS to ask if they were able to fund this initiative. They were and you can see us holding our brand new sets in the pictures above, our next task is to write the rules and plan the competition which we hope to run at our Christmas event in December.

French Boule December 2020

The Boule tournament was a resounding success with everyone enjoying themselves and having fun on our Christmas day. The most successful players received a chocolate Santa! The School Council would like to thank our FOLS for providing the funds to but the Boule and also the Chocolate Santas.

The School Council 2109-20


We are proud to introduce the new School Council, they will let you know what they have been doing on this page, so please check back regularly and scroll down to find out what they are doing to improve our school and help our local and wider communities..



We have finally had word from School in a Bag as to where our bags have ended up (Thanks to Mrs Roberston for her persistence in finding this out for us). Rather than just tell you, we thought it would be fun if you went to the School in a Bag Website and found out for yourselves. Follow the link to

and then put the number '112132' into the Track my Bag box. Once you have done this click on VIEW ALL BAGS FUNDED BY THIS PERSON/ORGANISATION and it will show you all the children who have benefited from the bags we funded and packed. There are 5 house points on offer for every child who e-mails the correct answer into their class teacher.

Latest News - 20 March 2020 - Buddy Bus

In January we submitted a bid to the Nuttall Trust to ask for help in purchasing a Buddy Bus for the playground. This is something that we have wanted to have for a number of years now. We are delighted to announce that we have received a cheque this week for £750 towards this. We still have some more money to raise and we are currently exploring a number of ways to do this. We would like to say a big thank you to the Trustees of the Nuttall Trust for their support.

1st October 2019 - First Meeting


We were really excited to hold our first meeting at lunchtime. Our main task was to review all the fantastic ideas that our friends had written on their manifestos. We all read them out while Mr Bishop made notes and we were amazed by the number of different ideas that there were - he wrote down 70!! Our next task will be to decide which of these ideas we can use to improve our school and we will be doing this at our next meeting. 


To help make sure that we keep collecting ideas and suggestions from our friends, each class has been given a book to record them in. We are really looking forward to using these soon. If YOU have a great idea then write it in your class book or talk to your School Councillor.

The School Council - 2018 -19


Introducing the school council for this school year.....scroll down to see what they have been up to so far!

Trim Trail Project - Jul 19


Our final task this year was to research a replacement for our ageing Log Labyrinth. We have seen lots of great things on our travels and so we drew up a list of apparatus that we though our fellow pupils would enjoy. We then took these to our classes and asked children to vote for their. Once we had done this we presented our findings to Mrs Robertson and Mrs Turner. We eagerly await the results of this work, hopefully something special will be coming to a school near you soon...... 

School in a Bag - The journey continues.....(15/7/19)


Today the School in a Bag team were back with all the equipment we had bought. We got to pack all the 36 bags, put their unique number on them and then tie them in sixes and load them in the back of the van ready to be transported to somewhere in the world that needs them. We do not know where yet, but we will be able to track the numbers to find out soon. 

School Council Celebrate Sponsored Success - (25/06/19)


Thanks to a fantastic response from the whole school community, we are delighted to announce that a staggering £720 has been raised for the School in a Bag charity. The School in a Bag organiser will be coming back to the school on Monday 15th July when we will all be involved in packing the bags ready to be transported around the world. We would like to say a HUGE thank you to all involved.

School in a Bag - Sponsored Event


The School Council are planning a sponsored event to raise money for School in a Bag charity. Sponsorship forms have gone home in book bags and details are on the poster below.

School Council celebrate double success

If you need something doing, then Lympsham School Council are the children to get it done. They have recently achieved a fantastic double of having warning lights erected outside the school and giving the playground an inspired makeover. This work was started by last year's councillors and finished off in style this year. Check out the pictures above.


Well done to all involved - next task? Sort Brexit!

School Council Forum at Mark Academy - Friday 25th Jan 2019


The School Councils from Mark, East Brent and Lympsham met up at Mark to discuss a whole load of rubbish! Well, how to reduce, reuse and recycle it really. We discussed those things we currently do recycle and how we can increase this. We learned about how we could recycle many things from pens to crisp packets and even contact lenses. We shared our success in having changed our milk delivery, saving some 5000 small cartons a year from going into landfill.


We then took part in workshops to weave with old plastic bags that could be used to make mats and rugs. We made posters to tell people about recycling and Ecobricks and then made Ecobricks out of plastic bottles and rubbish. We found out about a project in Grove Park in Weston where they were using these bricks to make new compost bins and we thought it would be a good idea to try and help out.


We had a fantastic time at Mark, made new friends and learned loads. We then shared this with our friends back at Lympsham in a Collective Worship where we challenged them all to make some Ecobricks.


If you want to learn more about what you can recycle then go to


If you want to make Ecobricks then go to the Ecobrick site and join the Lympsham Academy Community and register your bricks as you make them.


If you want to know more speak to Mr Bishop, he is always happy to talk rubbish!!

Our School Council Members - 2017-18

Latest News - Friday 18th May


Today we hosted the Schools Council from Mark and East Brent schools for a joint meeting. It was fantastic to welcome everyone to the school and we had lots of interesting discussions about the work we have done. We also shared ideas and thought about ways in which we can help each other in future. We are hoping that this will be the first of regular meetings between the schools. Please have a read of the minutes below.

Exchange Visit Minutes - 18 May 18

The Schools Council from East Brent, Lympsham and Mark.

Empathy Collective Worship


25.4.18 - Today we gave a collective worship on Empathy. Using our acting and presentation skills we helped Mr Bishop explain to the whole school about Empathy. We told the story of Mitali the Elephant and how we could try and understand how he feels so we could help him. In doing this we also found a number of ways in which an elephant could be very useful around the school; watering plants, giving showers, getting things out of trees and remembering important things were just a few of them. In fact the children came up with so many ideas that we are thinking of getting one...wonder how much they cost?

In March we presented a Collective Worship where we discussed being Fair to everyone. We explored our feelings and the feelings of others when Mr Bishop handed out sweets and there wasn't enough to go round. We spoke about ways to ensure that we treat everybody fairly and conducted an eggs-periment where we added kind deeds (salt) to a glass full of water; this helped Henry the Egg rise up out of his sea of unhappiness and float on a bed of kind words and fair behaviour. 

In the Autumn Term, the School Council has been working out how we can 'Make a Difference'. Already we have consulted with the whole school about what everybody would like to do to make their playground area a better place to play. Each class had a vote on which ideas they thought were best and we collected all this data; we then told Mrs Roberston what everybody would like. Some of these have already been put in place (see photos below), whilst others will be here soon.


We have also discussed road safety and how we could make the road outside the school a safer place. We decided that some lights and signs, telling traffic to slow down, would help and then wrote to the Parish Council and the local MP Mr James Heappey to ask them to support us. We also got a chance to speak to him face to face when he visited our Friday Collective Worship before Christmas.