Lympsham C of E Academy and Lympsham Pre-School

A Christian Community with Children at its Heart


Why do we clean our teeth? Our curriculum teaches children the importance of oral health. We share stories about cleaning our teeth often and really enjoy practising brushing the teeth with the toothbrushes in Preschool. We have also shared experiences of when we have all visited the dentist for a check up.

Securing our number knowledge and understanding.

Parachute fun!! We love working on our gross motor skills while using the parachute. Can you see how much fun we had trying to throw off all the balls ?!

Summer Planting! We have loved having visits from Mr Bishop to help us planting our sunflowers and wild flowers in our garden. We have seen so many bees and butterflies since planting all these beautiful flowers!

Sports Day July 2023 - We had so much fun running racing in our school sports day this Summer term. WELL DONE TEAM PRESCHOOL!

Special Visitor - Farmer Sam and Lucas the Lamb. The children loved learning all about Lucas the Lamb during the Summer term here at Lympsham. There was lots of questions asked and lots of fun had when learning how to feed the lamb safely. Good work team!

Supporting the development of the children's Fine Motor Skills. The children really enjoyed squeezing, splashing, filling and emptying the sponges getting their hands working hard.

Lympsham Village Swop Shop. The children have been busy planting lots of seeds including pea plants, cress, mint and sun flowers. The children really enjoyed taking a walk to the village swop shop and sharing our growing plants with the village. The children also enjoyed choosing some new plants to bring back to school to look after and watch them grow. Giving the children opportunities to be part of the village community is something we fully support here at Lympsham.

Pouring and scooping! We have been practising our pouring skills in the water tray with lots of different jugs, pots and pans. We are getting so confident at pouring our own drinks at meal times now.

Celebrating King Charles III. Pre School have really enjoyed learning all about our new King. We have read lots of books about the King, explored different activities and joined the man School at a garden party.

Manor gardens walk - we enjoyed getting out and about and visiting the gardens at the manor house. We found lots of trees and a fountain, we measured them by seeing how many children we needed to go all the way around them!

Bug hotel renovation- our bug hotel has had a makeover, the children worked really hard to make it cosy and welcoming for all the insects. We then painted pictures of the insects we hope will come and stay.

Measuring worms in the garden was such fun!

Getting our garden ready for the bees and the insects

We have freshened up our dramatic play area by adding lots of vintage and old resources for the children to explore. We cannot wait to see where these resources will take the children's learning and imagination.

Independence- Supporting the children to get ready for their move to reception, independence is something we support every day at Preschool. The children practice cutting their own snack, scraping their own plates and pouring their own drinks.

Large Scale Painting. Pre School have been using their large motor skills while mixing colours. Painting on a large scale like this uses many more muscles supporting physical development.

January 2023. We have been learning about ice after seeing the frost and ice in our garden. We made some ‘ice lolly’ painting sticks using paint and water. Once they have frozen we can use them to paint pictures.

Making frosty snowflake pictures.

We love the Colour Monster at pre-school and this week we have been counting and colour matching with the Colour Monster.

At pre-school we love messy play, so as part of our 'Space' topic we made special space gloop and lots of fun making it drip and splat!

We have been having a great time playing in the mud kitchen and making our favourite 'recipes'

Our new light table purchased with a grant from the Nuttall Trust allows us to explore the world and help us learn about colour, texture and the world around us.