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Latest News - Friday 18th May


Today we hosted the Schools Council from Mark and East Brent schools for a joint meeting. It was fantastic to welcome everyone to the school and we had lots of interesting discussions about the work we have done. We also shared ideas and thought about ways in which we can help each other in future. We are hoping that this will be the first of regular meetings between the schools. Please have a read of the minutes below.

Exchange Visit Minutes - 18 May 18

The Schools Council from East Brent, Lympsham and Mark.

The Schools Council from East Brent, Lympsham and Mark. 1

Empathy Collective Worship


25.4.18 - Today we gave a collective worship on Empathy. Using our acting and presentation skills we helped Mr Bishop explain to the whole school about Empathy. We told the story of Mitali the Elephant and how we could try and understand how he feels so we could help him. In doing this we also found a number of ways in which an elephant could be very useful around the school; watering plants, giving showers, getting things out of trees and remembering important things were just a few of them. In fact the children came up with so many ideas that we are thinking of getting one...wonder how much they cost?

Our School Council Members

In March we presented a Collective Worship where we discussed being Fair to everyone. We explored our feelings and the feelings of others when Mr Bishop handed out sweets and there wasn't enough to go round. We spoke about ways to ensure that we treat everybody fairly and conducted an eggs-periment where we added kind deeds (salt) to a glass full of water; this helped Henry the Egg rise up out of his sea of unhappiness and float on a bed of kind words and fair behaviour. 

In the Autumn Term, the School Council has been working out how we can 'Make a Difference'. Already we have consulted with the whole school about what everybody would like to do to make their playground area a better place to play. Each class had a vote on which ideas they thought were best and we collected all this data; we then told Mrs Roberston what everybody would like. Some of these have already been put in place (see photos below), whilst others will be here soon.


We have also discussed road safety and how we could make the road outside the school a safer place. We decided that some lights and signs, telling traffic to slow down, would help and then wrote to the Parish Council and the local MP Mr James Heappey to ask them to support us. We also got a chance to speak to him face to face when he visited our Friday Collective Worship before Christmas.