Lympsham C of E Academy and Lympsham Pre-School

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Welcome to the Griffins of 2016-17

It's a new classroom for this new class of 2016-17. Over the Summer hols whilst we have hopefully been relaxing and having new adventures the builders, architects, carpenters, plasters and many other types of work-folk have been busily replacing floors, windows and cupboards.

The windows have been double glazed allowing for both more aeration and less heat escaping in the winter.

The cupboard have been moved to the outside wall allowing more room.

Perhaps most excitingly, and it has been the talk of the school, is the new up-to-the-minute interactive touch-sensitive screen. It can be heightened and lowered to meet the needs of the group and you do not need to block out any lights to have a great viewing experience. Amazing! It is mobile so we will be having to keep a close eye on it no doubt!