Lympsham C of E Academy and Lympsham Pre-School

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Tyntesfield 27.4.16

One beautiful sunny morning at school we were very excited because in one minute we were leaving for Tytesfield!


Next we were there! We were walking to the saw mill to see some toys but all of a sudden there was a colourful, lovely castle hidden in the trees.


Next we met some of the staff and went into groups. We saw some toys including doll's houses. There were moving toys, outdoor toys, team game toys and the special Sunday toys.


In the house I saw more games and played OXO and hopscotch like the poorer children would play. I won OXO. Do you know how to play OXO? Well if you went on the O you had a forfeit, but if you went on the X you won. It was fun.


After we toured the house and saw lots of different rooms. played some parlour games including 'find the object', made some spinning toys and played with the shadow puppets. The rooms were dark.  Do you know why? They had to be because the toys could get damaged by the light.


Next we had our lunch and went for some fresh air.


Then we went on a mini beast hunt. It was hard because of the environment and all the leaves. We couldn't find ants or caterpillars. 


I am looking forward to our next visit. Where will it be? Where do you think we should go?

 by Frank