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Year 2 Science Rainforest

Year Two Scientists Visit the Rain Forest

Thursday 25th February

Three adventurous scientists and an enthusiastic adult set off to St Martins C of E school where Authors Abroad were once again hosting a science day for the year twos from a few lucky schools. This included a rainforest and mini beast workshop and a look at Darwin's world of evolution. 

Tarlia, James and Phoebe along with Miss Curiale were able to see and touch many different creatures from the rainforest. Did you know that before touching a frog you must wash your hands in pond or rain water as the sweat from human hands can burn them? Luckily for the white tree frogs that the children knew this fact. Even so the frogs were still a little nervous.  Ask one of the children if you want to know more about how we know this!

The animals that were brought in by Paul Carpenter, an expert in rainforest creatures and artefacts, included insects, tarantulas, arachnids, amphibians and reptiles.

The day was packed full of facts and an experiment or two. See the pictures and facts below for more information or talk to our year two scientist. When asked to comment on their favourite parts of the day they really couldn't make up their minds, the snake sticking its tongue out at them, being wrapped up in an anaconda skin, ostrich eggs which felt like metal, geckos with tongues long enough to lick their own eyeballs, stick insects acrobats...the list went on, but we think they enjoyed themselves!