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Latest news on the Lympsham Exercise Challenge

The Lympsham Exercise Challenge – Raising eyebrows, money and smiles.

In a classroom, somewhere in the WLT, sometime in the not too distant future…

Teacher to her pupil, “So what did you do during lock-down young lady?”

“Well Miss, I walked from Lands’ End to John O’Groats and when I got there I carried on going until I got to the North Pole”, the pupil replied cheerfully.

“Oh and I suppose when you got THERE, you just carried on going around the world?” said the teacher, just a little flippantly.

“Er, Yes Miss! How did you know?”

Well to be fair, I wouldn’t have believed it either, if I wasn’t there to see it all happen. What started out as some idle chatter on Facebook ended up as an amazing adventure that has proved to be great fun for those involved, hugely successful in raising money to buy much needed equipment for the local hospital and an incredibly positive activity during a time when positives have been hard to find.

But what actually happened? Well, a group of children from Lympsham & East Brent..

(Harriet, Holly and Delphia from Lympsham Pre-School; Luke, Beatrix, Florence, Lily, Stanley, Teddy, Fletcher, Jasmine and Elliot from Lympsham Academy, Sophie from East Brent Academy, Ella, Jacob, James, Sam, Heidi, Lola, Finley, Abbie and Emily from HSMS and Rosie, Laura, Jennifer, Ethan and Kaitlin from Kings of Wessex).

… along with their families and some friends (with an age range from 2 to 76) decided to add a bit of a challenge to their daily exercise, by walking, cycling, running, skating and scooting all the way from Lands’ End to John O’Groats, whilst raising some funds along the way. Their target 876 miles to raise £876! They reached John O’Groats at a pace and having smashed through their fundraising target, decided to continue their adventure. Inspired by no less an explorer than Winnie-the-Pooh, (Chapter 8 for the uninitiated), they went on an Expotition to the North Pole, a further 1680 miles. Battling through some unseasonably warm Artic weather, they battled their way north, all achieving personal goals, whilst the team goal inspired them ever onwards.

Today I am delighted to report, from a slightly wet North Pole, that the target has been achieved, 2756 miles in the bag and nearly £2100 raised in the process. What next? The group decision, to Calm Down and Carry on - Around the World in 80 days? No way – on past form they will be there long before then…

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