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Mrs Kail Dyke's idea

January 2014 Mrs Kail Dyke had an idea ... let's write a children's book ... and so a few brave individuals came forward and wrote a children's book - 'A Twist in the Tale' - still available on Kindle!! This initiative has brought in a steady income over the past year.


 Lympsham School celebrated    World Book Day in style!

Whilst others dressed up as book characters or donned their pyjamas – Lympsham invited in their own group of home grown authors, who shared their stories with the children.

Children were spell bound by the magical awe of storytelling –as tales abound of enchantment, bravery, mystery and mysticism. Hopefully they will have been inspired to use their imaginations and develop their own story telling skills.

The stories all came from ‘A Twist in the Tale’ – an e-book available on Kindle .

A Twist in the Tale

An anthology of children’s stories written by parents, governors and staff at Lympsham School.

All proceeds to the school’s Cambodia Children’s Fund supporting a local rural village charity organisation                                                                                                                                           (development of health and water safety)


(Supported by the Angkor Charity guide services.)