Lympsham C of E Academy and Lympsham Pre-School

A Christian Community with Children at its Heart

How it all started

It all started in 2012 when Mrs Fotheringham visited South East Asia. She and her husband are fairly seasoned travellers, but there was something special about the people of Cambodia that touched their hearts. 


On her return Mrs Fotheringham talked to Mrs Robertson as to the possibility of helping these people in some small way... slowly... very slowly the links have been forged and we have got to our present stage.


Mrs Fotheringham and her husband returned to Cambodia in 2013 in the middle of a denge fever and malaria crisis - things were desperate, especially for the children. The problem with Cambodia is that most of the people are either children or young adults!  


This year, 2015. Mrs Fotheringham and her husband are returning to Cambodia, but this time they are travelling with special gifts from the Lympsham community. Help that will hopefully start to transform some of the lives of some children.


It is always important to remember you cannot save the world - but it is possible to just make a small difference.


The following articles are part of the story ...