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Griffins' Christmas Play

Griffins’ Christmas Play -Monday 14th December 2015

Griffins class has been learning about playscripts in November and this culminated in performing our Christmas Play, ‘Straw and Order.’ There were fashionable ladies and

DIY donkeys all worrying over a very special and of course ‘Best’ stable in Bethlehem, isn’t that right Stanley?

Judge Grumps and our very angelic narrator Josh had their

work cut out finding out just how many people had been

visiting that stable, the covet shepherds, the talented

dancing sheep and the very, very, very Wisemen quizzed by

our very own quiz show hosts. With five or six songs and

a dance or two along the way the story unfolded until

the baby Jesus’ birth the inevitable peace!

Great effort all round Griffins.  We definitely have some

talent to watch out for the future!

The Cast of 'Straw and Order' and a few Extras!

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