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Big thanks to FOLS

FOLS Generous Gifts Grip Griffins

The toys and games bought by the Griffins’ class with the money that FOLS raised for the school have been unveiled.  The children were very excited to see the range of gifts that they received. It was yet another opportunity to practise our silent cheering! It was a great surprise after the festive season had seemed to have come to a close.


Cool Circuits Review

By Finley, Lily and James

This is a great game not just because we are learning about electricity this term, but because it is challenging but fun learning what to do.  We can do it on our own or work together. There are 8 3D pieces and the object is to make a circuit.  If you do it plays a tune and makes light patterns. Very enjoyable.



“I wish I had this game!” exclaimed Ruby.

“I won! My favourite part is the cool counters especially the lion!” said Tilly excitedly.

Summer said, “I liked teaching Will how to take the counters.”

“You can learn it really quickly!” thought Will.

“It would be good to play against Dave the math-magician that visited us”

“We had one over and we had to check which group didn’t start as a four.”


The maths champions have chosen this as one of their games to share at Maths Club on Wednesday dinner time. We have also downloaded this as an APP which we can highly recommend.

Great fun with our new activities!