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Over the past year the School has been raising money for the Cambodian Appeal.

The Monsoons and dengue season are now in full flood in Cambodia and our link, Syden, has been in touch to inform us of all the things that have been happening there.

He has been able to make connections with a charity in Denmark which has provided 50 second hand computers and some chairs and tables. These are for some of the larger schools in Siem Reap. Using an American connection, he has managed to purchase 17 bikes for some of the poorest children. This will enable them to get to school and also help families to get produce to the market.

He is specifically asking for help to buy mosquito nets, bikes and school supplies. It is these areas we are hoping to focus the money.

Recently a parent suggested donating seconded glasses which are in good condition. We are sure there must be a need of such items and these would be gratefully received.

Thank you for your continued support.



Blackberrying with our buddies

Last week saw friendships formed between the oldest and youngest children within school! On Monday the children were introduced to their buddies . On Wednesday, we took advantage of the amazing weather and together, meandered down to Farmer Boley’s field. A vast quantity of blackberries were picked, which we brought back to school- very proud of ourselves

Everyone in Unicorns and Phoenix spent the next day busy preparing for our ‘Coffee Morning’ on the Friday. It was a lovely experience. Together the children shared ideas about the children we are raising money for in Cambodia. The Unicorns Parents came and joined in, meeting the children’s buddies and enjoying the fruits of our cooking labours.

We also managed to raise £17.00 towards the Cambodian Relief Fund!!! (equivalent to 2 mosquito nets) 



Newsletter 3.10.14

Please come and have a look at the Cambodia display in school. You will be astonished at the fantastic amount of money we have collected. May the good work continue!


Newsletter 17.10.14


News from Cambodia

Something to celebrate – Syden, our contact in Cambodia has announced that he is getting married in February. A wedding of 800+!!!!


“Be thankful for what you have; you'll end up having more. If you concentrate on what you don't have, you will never, ever have enough” ― Oprah Winfrey


Christmas celebrations saw donations to our Cambodian cause.




NEWS ALERT from Cambodia…….. Celebrations have been abounding in Cambodia as Seyden got married. We look forward to seeing his wedding photos – 3 days with over 300 guests!! We do however have his engagement photograph to share with you.

We wish them all our best wishes for the future

Wedding photos are on the Cambodian display in school. 


Over the past 7 months the School has been busy collecting, completing challenges and generally trying to increase funds.


Mrs Fotheringham and her husband are returning to Cambodia.


Syden has asked for support to build a small school in a rural setting. It is a very poor village with over 250 children. The village is in the centre of the rice growing district. He calls it the 'Dream School'. Plans can be seen on the School Display board.


Newsletter 17.7.15

Bags have been flooding in with clothing, shoes toys and books, all in support of our friends in Cambodia. A further £70 can be added to the total of £1,200 that has already been donated.  Just hope and pray that the baggage scales  will be kind!  


August 2015

Mrs Fotheringham:

The bags are packed and we are ready to go. We have 2 bags full of t-shirts,

shoes, books and crayons (50 kilos+) We also have $2,275 in donations.

Thank you to all those who have supported us.

Mr Fotheringham has secured a pledge from his firm to support 2 teachers for one year at a cost of $70 per month each person.