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Maths Magician at Lympsham

Maths focus week

Hurricanes Joaquin and Patricia and Storm Barney may have brought an end to our British summer but they didn’t put the dampeners on our Maths focus week.  Hope fully some of you have had the chance to take part in some of the playtime maths inspired games and others will have been learning the art of Shuffle Board.  The maths warriors have been running this at lunch times and so far a young lady with her name beginning with S seems to have stormed into the lead.

We are planning to have more games being cascaded out through the school and Tuesday’s visitor inspired the maths warriors with more ideas.

His ideas were in fact Marvellous, Magical and to do with Maths! Dave Hickory joined us and began the day with a fun interactive and interesting assembly leaving us wanting to more.  And more we got as all through the day he ran workshops for year groups and classes in the hall including one for the parents at the end of the school day involving straws and bubbles.

All week we have been following Dave’s three top tip for maths: to have conversations about maths, to be imaginative and to look for patterns.

The ninja training and dog dining videos are great fun with the links on the Bedtime Maths website.  Lots for discussion there.  Who managed to discuss the how many grains of sand in a sandcastle on nightly maths? I was amazed by the facts and the photos too.  Great fun and well worth a look.

We’re looking forward to hearing who we have as the maths champs for this week and hope you have had some fun.  Look out for some more maths games coming your way!